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Gerry Lane

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Gerald Lane is Director of Standards and Open Source for the IBM Corporation.

In this role, Gerry oversees and coordinates IBMâ€™s internal and external standards programs, including intellectual property commitments, legal issues, and policy n egotiations with a multitude of standards, consortia and special interest groups. He also coordinates groups of skilled technical and legal professionals who advise the corporation on open source technology, issues and trends.

Prior to his involvement with the IBM standards and open source activities, Gerry was responsible for the intellectual property licensing programs in the software and semiconductor areas. In earlier assignments, he was responsible for the worldwide management of IBMâ€™s Undertaking with the European Union while also managing the international technical teams that supported the IBM/Fujitsu Arbitration effort.

With over 20 years of management experience in the Information Technology industry in addition to various technical positions in the development of IBMâ€™s large systems, Gerry has accumulated an extensive background in the management of hardware, software and associated legal matters. He is experienced in direct and matrix management of large projects requiring coordination across organizational and international boundaries.

Gerry is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the IEEE-Industry Standards and Technology Organization (IEEE-ISTO). He was elected to the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors and is IBMâ€™s representative to the ANSI Patent Policy group.