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Constitutional Law in Cyberspace

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Constitutional Law in Cyberspace

Tutorial Summary

Mike Godwin, general counsel of Wikimedia Foundation and former staff attorney with Center for Democracy and Technology, Public Knowledge, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, will teach the basics of constitutional law in cyberspace, with an emphasis on free-speech and privacy issues. This tutorial is designed to inform non-lawyers and lawyers alike about the constitutional issues that underlie computer-crime and computer civil-liberties cases, as well as about the policy issues relating to intellectual property and jurisdiction on the Net. Its goal is to prepare attendees to understand the full range of constitutional and civil-liberties issues discussed at the main panels and presentations at CFP2008, with particular emphasis on the intersection of copyright law, constitutional law, and technology policy.

Detailed Description

Free speech and press law
Criminal law
Copyright law
Technology policy


Mike Godwin

Background Resources

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