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Welcome to Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2008.

CFP2008 is being held today, May 20th, 2008 and will continue through May 23rd, 2008, in New Haven, CT at the Omni Hotel. Hop on a train or in a car and join us!

If you can't make it in person, please follow along on Twitter or the blog.

This wiki is only editable by program committee members. If there's information you'd like to contribute, please use the CFP community wiki.


Conference Description

This election year will be the first to address US technology policy in the information age as part of our national debate. Candidates have put forth positions about technology policy and have recognized that it has its own set of economic, political, and social concerns. In the areas of privacy, intellectual property, cybersecurity, telecommunications, and freedom of speech, an increasing number of issues once confined to experts now penetrate public conversation. Our decisions about technology policy are being made at a time when the architectures of our information and communication technologies are still being built. Debate about these issues needs to be better-informed in order for us to make policy choices in the public interest.

This year, the 18th annual Computers, Freedom, and Privacy conference will focus on what constitutes technology policy. CFP: Technology Policy '08 is an opportunity to help shape public debate on those issues being made into laws and regulations and those technological infrastructures being developed. The direction of our technology policy impacts the choices we make about our national defense, our civil liberties during wartime, the future of American education, our national healthcare systems, and many other realms of policy discussed more prominently on the election trail. Policies ranging from spyware and national security, to ISP filtering and patent reform, e-voting to electronic medical records, and more will be addressed by expert panels of technologists, policymakers, business leaders, and advocates.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Times Ballrooms A & B Ballroom C Wooster George A & B
9:00AM-12:00PM Scott Spetka, Maintaining Privacy While Accessing On-line Information. Mike Godwin, Constitutional Law in Cyberspace.
2:00-5:00PM Robert Ellis Smith, A Short History of Privacy. Lillie Coney, e-Deceptive Campaign Practices: Elections 2.0.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Times Ballrooms A & B Ballroom C Chapel A & B George A & B Wooster
9:00-9:30(AM) Opening Session
9:30-10:00(AM) Coffee Break
10:00AM-12:00PM Presidential Technology Policy: Priorities for the Next Executive (audio) (video, part 1) (video, part 2)
12:00-1:30(PM) Lunch; YJoLT Essay Competition Winning Essays
1:30-3:00(PM) Patents: The Bleeding Edge of Technology Policy Privacy, Reputation, and the Management of Online Communities States as Incubators of Change
3:00-3:30(PM) Coffee Break
3:30-5:00(PM) Rights & Responsibilities for Software Programs? Charismatic Content: Wikis, Social Networks, and the Future of User-Generated Content Interoperability at the Crossroads?: The "Liberal Order" versus Fragmentation
5:30-6:30(PM) Five-minute presentations
6:30-8:30(PM) Conference Dinner: Dear Potus 08

Thursday, May 22, 2008
Times Ballrooms A & B Ballroom C Chapel A & B George A & B Wooster: Activism and Education Using Social Networks
9:00-10:30(AM) The 21st Century Panopticon? Introduction, the ACLU's experiences, Facebook
10:30-11:00(AM) Coffee Break Facebook (continued), Q&A
11:00AM-12:30PM Filtering Out Copyright Infringement: Possibilities, Practicalities, and Legalities New Challenges for Spyware Policy Hands-on sessions, Promoting books
12:30-1:30(PM) Lunch
1:30-3:00(PM) The National Security State and the Next Administration Hands-on sessions, Dealing with hate speech, flaming, and trolls
3:00-3:30(PM) Coffee Break
3:30-5:00(PM) Filtering and Censorship in Europe "The Transparent Society:" Ten Years Later Brainstorming: looking forward
5:15-6:00(PM) Konstantinos Karachalios, European Patent Office: "Scenarios for the Future: Governance Gaps in the Global Knowledge Economy & the Role of Institutions"
7:00-9:00(PM) BOF Dinners Off-Site At Different Restaurants Around Town

Friday, May 23, 2008
Times Ballrooms A & B Ballroom C Chapel A & B George A & B Wooster
9:00-10:30(AM) Network Neutrality: Beyond the Slogans Law, Regulation, and Software Licensing for the Electronic Medical Record Measuring Global Threats to Internet Freedom
10:30-11:00(AM) Coffee Break
11:00AM-12:30PM Towards Trustworthy e-Voting: An Open Source Approach? Hate Speech and Oppression in Cyberspace Breaking the Silence: Iranians Find a Voice on the Internet (video)
12:30-1:00(PM) Box Lunch Pick-Up
1:00-1:15(PM) Dear Potus 08 letter and next steps
1:15-2:15(PM) Closing Plenary: Clay Shirky (video)